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Electronic, TECHWRENCH, Memory model

TECHMEMORY Electronic Torque Wrenches include TORQLOGT, a downloading software on CD for IBM PC's and a 6 ft. RS232 serial cable. Two Microsoft® Excel® templates are also on the CD for customer convenience. The DOWNLOAD template provides basic statistical analysis of dumped readings. The DATE/TIME template adds a date and time stamp to each reading while the wrench is attached to the PC. Templates can be customized to suit specific user needs.

Automotive Customer - printout provides assurance that lug nuts have been tightened to specification.
Assembly Operations - gather data to manage quality.
ISO and SPC - gather and document assemblies for ISO technical files and process auditing.
Military - document compliance with maintenance schedules and inspections.
Aviation - include torque data in maintenance reports.

Six Button Operation. RS232 Port for downloading data to computer for analysis. All models include 3 "AA" batteries for power. Comfortable, non-slip grip handle. Stand on handle bottom keeps tool from rolling off flat surface. Flex-head ratchet moves 15°. All models have a Low Battery Indicator and Auto-Shut-Off (after 2 minutes idle). Designed to withstand shocks without failure. Splash-proof to protect against water and most automotive shop fluid. Includes storage case.

Guaranteed Accuracy (at 72° F):
± 1% CW / ± 1.5% CCW of reading, 20% to 100% of full scale (non-flexed).
± 2% CW / ± 3% CCW of reading, 10% to 19% of full scale (non-flexed).

Product Specifications
Stock TECH1FRM240
Name Torque Wrench, Electronic, TECHWRENCH, Flex Ratchet, 24 to 240 in. lbs., 1/4" drive
Square Drive, inches 1/4
Head Type Sealed Ratchet
Gear Teeth 36
Gear Action 10°
Range, in. lb. 24-240
Range, ft. lb. 2-20
Range, Nm 2.7-27.12
Head Depth, inches 7/16
Head Width, inches 7/8
Operating Temperature 40-110°F (5-42°C)
Storage Temperature 0 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
Humidity up to 90% non-condensing
Housing Color Red
Ratchet Service Kit RKRT936
Memory Capacity 1,000 peak reading - reading number, torque value, units of measure
Torque Setting Resolution 0.1 ft. lb. (0.1 Nm, 1 in. lb.)
Digital Download RS232 (True) - selectable 1200 to 19.2K Baud
Power 3 "AA" batteries (included)
Overall Length, inches (mm) 15 (381)
Weight, lbs. (kg) 1.7 (.77)


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